Transactions Advice

from Industry Insiders

TransAct Advisory Services provides client tailored transactions advisory support addressing the specific needs of companies, venture capital and private equity investors in the Health Care - Life Sciences - Chemicals segments.

We support our clients with Mergers and Acquisitions, Partnering, Licensing and Fund Raising projects on a global basis. As industry insiders and transactions professionals TransAct adds value through true expertise of the transaction drivers.

We enhance the decision basis of our clients with our knowledge of their segments, provide access to our networks and add execution skill-sets.

Mergers and Acquisitions, Partnering
Licensing & Fund RAising

In addition to providing transactions execution support with the services scope of an investment bank, we complement these skills with seniority and many years of deal and segment expertise, broad networks and pragmatic work-styles.

Corporate Clients, Private Equity and
Venture Capital Investors

We support a diverse client spectrum with one common interest: Capture the investment opportunities in the Health Care – Life Sciences – Chemicals Segments.

Team of Senior Professionals of
Industry Insiders

We “live” Health Care – Life Sciences – Chemicals as passionate transactions professionals. We are former Investment Bankers, Heads of M&A and Strategy Professionals with entrepreneurial DNA.